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An asset management solution designed for the utility industry

Safe Locate Solutions Inc. provides the North American utility market with proven, turn-key solutions for tagging and locating below-ground utilities in a safe and precise manner without the need to break ground. Using SLS’s products, guesswork is eliminated in daylighting an asset and exploratory excavation from your daily practice.

SLS is dedicated to reducing cost, time and the overall risk associated with the location, identification and maintenance of our clients’ assets by developing and deploying innovative technologies and providing superior service.

Some Of The Tools Used By SLS

Site-Track®, powered by Key2iD, is a proprietary asset tracking technology software developed for the safe identification and excavation of buried assets. The process of identification and excavation of underground assets often results in cost overruns due to lack of clear visibility of the asset.

Site-Track® helps develop visibility by giving asset owners access to a detailed database with real-time information regarding the make, dept, purpose and layout of their assets. Site-Track® owners can access underground asset information remotely using any web-connected device.

HoseTrack™ is designed to predict hose failures in high-pressure concrete lines. Technicians must know type, size, length and end fittings of hoses as well as dates of last tests in the event of a failure. Hoses can tagged and alerts set to remove hoses once the specified service hours of the hose have been reached. Technicians must be able to quickly repair and return equipment to service. Identifying hoses isn't always easy; however, with HoseTrack™, the process is quick and seamless. By attaching RFID tags to every hose, HoseTrack™ speeds up and simplifies identification.

All data is captured and stored in one place making it instantly accessible via any web- connected device. HoseTrack™ delivers hose assembly information right into the hands of your maintenance people allowing for rapid identification and repair. HoseTrack™ gains intelligence on how hoses are utilized enabling better-informed hose selection resulting in less downtime. In addition, HoseTrack™ keeps accurate and up-to-date records of all hose systems in one place.


MineTrack™, powered by Key2Id, is a full digital system designed to track general operations and maintenance work completed by on-the-ground workers. MineTrack™ was specifically created to give management teams and operations crews a platform to manage their underground portfolio. This includes but is not limited to; compliance packages, maintenance activities, inventory and safety checkpoints.

MineTrack™ is an effective tool that gives management teams general updates as new work is identified and old work is completed.

Training Program

Working with Locate Management, leaders in training for the Canadian utility sector, as well as Key2ID, global leaders in software-based RFID asset management, SLS has developed a specific training program that covers all aspects of Site-Track® software and RFID tags. The program is designed to certify our clients’ personnel as competent technicians thus allowing them to manage their facilities in any way they see fit. SLS will certify field crews and project management personnel on capturing and accessing data records.

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