About SLS

Creating a strike-free future one tag at a time.

Established in April of 2018, after two years of planning and research, Safe Locate Solutions Inc. (SLS) was created to address the outdated and inefficient methods used for daylighting and excavating below-ground target assets. With the goal of improving current practices, SLS aims to keep workers informed and as safe as possible when locating buried facilities in the pipeline, electrical, water, mining, sewer and fiber-optic industries.

Project management groups often run into significant cost overages and scheduling issues during these costly and high-risk stages of their projects due to the unpredictable nature of these tasks. These cost overages increase exponentially with every meter excavated in search of a target asset. SLS provides a proactive approach improving industry standards and procedures while saving companies time and money.

"Our mission is to provide our clients long-term solutions that result in dividend returns in the way of improved safety and cost savings that will last the life of their facilities."

Safe Locate Solutions was founded on 3 core values

  1. Health and Safety Excellence

  2. Environmental Stewardship

  3. Efficiency, leading to cost savings for our clients

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