About Us

Welcome to Safe Locate Solutions Inc. We specialize in RFID asset management providing cost effective solutions designed for frontline excavation, maintenance and project management teams. We service the pipeline, aviation, nuclear, electrical, water/sewer, mining and fiber-optic industries.

Our technological and environmental services offer fiscally responsible, long term products and solutions saving our clients’ money while lowering the carbon footprint of their maintenance and process activities. We offer the highest standard of safety and quality control.

Products for Contractors:

Secure and centralized daily operations platform. All compliance, safety and data packages together, linking field crews and project management.

Products for Utility Owners:

Site Track® and RFID trifecta, the highest standard in the industry for capturing, locating and excavating fenced facilities, high value assets and environmentally sensitive zones.

"Our mission is to provide our clients long-term solutions resulting in dividend returns in the way of improved safety, cost savings and a lowered carbon footprint lasting the life of their facilities."
Adam Blanchard,
Founder and President, Safe Locate Solutions Inc.

Safe Locate Solutions was founded on 3 core values

Health and Safety Excellence

Environmental Stewardship

Efficiency leading to cost savings for our clients

Creating a strike-free future one tag at a time.

Focused on providing value to all stake holders involved in damage prevention, the SLS team is here anytime to answer questions or to discuss a tailored pilot project to suit your organization.

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